Annual open studio event by the “Art Group Havenaer”

Foto: Kunstgroep Havenaer

You are invited to visit the annual open studio event by the “ART GROUP HAVENAER” in Wassenaar.

Members of the Havenaer Art Group at Johan de Wittstraat will be exhibiting new work on 28th and 29th of September. The studios are open accessible to the public from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The Havenaer Kunstgroep consists of the following members;

Hans Gussekloo, Wierd Wagenmakers, Ella van Elck and Willeke Elderman.

  • Hans makes modern work combining the figurative and abstract. In his paintings and glass objects he makes a dream world visible in which humour and vulnerability are

combined. They show what is strange in everyday life and what is ordinary about the extraordinary, without dictating an interpretation on the spectator.

  • Wierd paints watercolours, draws with chalk and etches. His work shows a fascination for nature. Mountain landscapes and the untamed nature of the dunes intrigue him.

He also specialises and has often been commissioned to furnish watercolours and drawings individual houses and buildings.

  • Ella van Elck is a prolific artist. She uses mainly oil paint. Her work can be called realistic. She prefers an abundancy of clear colours on the upper-layer painted over a dark underpainting. Next to a variety of subjects as birds, portraits, animals, hats and still life’s she’s now working on a wide range of tulips.
  • Willeke makes sculptures in various types of stone, drawings and mixed techniques. In her work she does not depart from a plan or idea but instead uncovers the true essence of the stone in the adventure leading up to the finished product. During the journey sculpture reveals itself. Her work depicts without the use of words, explanatory texts or extensive philosophies and without imposing an opinion

The spectator is free to discover her/his own impression.

Several guest artists have been invited to participate in the exhibition:

  • Rian Geurts, objects.
  • Carolien Makovitz and Vera van Heusen, handmade jewellery.
  • Frank Peltenburg, creates artworks that have a 3D-like structure.
  • Gerard van Dijk, sculptures.

Feel free to browse in the studios where you can exchange ideas with the various artists about their work and creative techniques and methods. If you should wish to buy it can be arranged with the artist.

The art route starts at the waterfront studios, nos. 65 and 67 and goes through the inner garden to the studios nos. 97 and 91 on the ground floor of the Havenaer complex.